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Ready to jumpstart your yoga journey? Join my FREE 14-day challenge!
  • Increase your strength, flexibility, and balance quickly 
  • Each yoga class is 10-25 minutes long, making this the perfect program for your busy lifestyle
  • No experience or extra equipment is necessary, all you need is a yoga mat and an open mind
  •  PLUS: Learn about the mindset of yoga and how it can transform your life - slow down, practice mindfulness, and set daily affirmations 
"This free 14-day challenge will teach you all you need to know about the basics of yoga.  Understanding how to connect your mind, body, and breath is the first step to achieving a lifestyle transformation.  Enjoying a healthy and thriving lifestyle isn't as hard as you think and this mini-course will show you why."

- Taryn Raine, Founder of The Remote Yogi
Start your lifestyle transformation with 14 days of yoga
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