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What People Are Saying...
"...The best part is the convenience of (classes) wherever I go"
One on one lessons with Taryn are awesome. I have 0 confidence when it comes to yoga, and she doesn’t let me get down on myself. The best part the convenience of having The Remote Yogi with me wherever I go. The online videos and poses are easy to follow, and I can schedule my own yoga classes whenever I have time in my schedule.
Lauren D. - Nomad
"... I am so grateful to Taryn for patience and knowledge."
I'm so grateful to Taryn for all her patience,  guidance and knowledge! She has helped me achieve more control over my mind and body. Her knowledge is extensive and her heart is priceless.
Sincerely, a happy student.
Danielle  - Florida
"... (She makes) wholehearted living an achievable goal." 
Taryn's authenticity and vulnerability make yoga, mindfulness, and living a more wholehearted life an achievable goal. She is an amazing role model and is open and honest about the struggles and success in her life. I connect with Taryn's empathy and compassion that shines through in everything she does.
Amelia T. - Nomad
When I was first introduced to yoga, it truly changed my life. Throughout most of my adolescence, I battled with severe depression and anxiety. It plagued my ability to thrive. My very first yoga class presented a miracle - a clear, focused mind. I was shocked and immediately hooked to the practice. 

Yoga taught me much more than how to move my body in new ways. Through the breath work, I learned to calm my anxiety. Through the meditations, I learned how to have better focus in my life. I have learned how to be strong both within my body and in who I am. I gained balance on the mat and in managing my lifestyle, diet, and relationships. 

While I fell in love with yoga right away, it has not always been easy to practice. At different times in my life, I was struggling financially and unable to afford the yoga studio memberships that are generally $99+ a month. Other times, I was living in a small town and yoga was not easily available. When I travel full-time, it's hard to find studios that I can drop into and bouncing around yoga teachers left my practice scrambled. 

Do you have a difficult making time for yoga? Or connecting with the yoga community or teachers? 

When I became a teacher, I made it a part of my mission to make yoga more accessible. This is why I am thrilled to be inviting you to try out the Remote Yogi Tribe. This online yoga membership is designed to transform your life, both on and off the mat. You get the try two week for free, but to be honest, my goal is that you love it so much that you join the program for only $20 a month!

I believe yoga is a personal journey. There is no "right or wrong" ways to do it, if we are moving our body safely. I believe in teaching women how to find confidence and empowerment through getting to know your mind, body, and spirit in new ways. I also believe in not "doing it alone" but in having a community of people who can help you get to your goals sooner.
Let me walk you through what’s included in the membership. You get:
  •  Yoga Classes – We offer a wide-arrange of yoga class styles, including yin yoga, flow classes, vinyasa, and more. The classes range from 15-85 minutes long. Access the complete inventory of classes taught by Taryn Raine and fellow guest teachers. A new video is added weekly (Sunday evenings). 
  •  Lifestyle Resources – Access our inventory of guided meditations. Guided meditations are 5-20 minutes long and new ones are uploaded throughout the month. Explore all our favorite yoga playlists via Spotify and pick the perfect one for your mood or practice. We have a library of PDF resources, such as our e-book on Mindfulness, printable yoga sequences, meal plans, etc. Plus, Taryn teaches a lifestyle coaching workshop monthly that you can watch anytime you would like or download the PDF versions of the presentations. Recent topics include: productivity habits and how understanding chakras can impact your life.  
  •  Bi-weekly Live Calls – Questions about your yoga practice, meditation, or how to live a healthy lifestyle? Taryn hosts two live calls a month via video chat. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to her directly. Members are invited to share their video feed, especially if they are looking to receive feedback on certain yoga poses or if they have alignment questions. We take questions ahead of time and all calls are recorded and archived to the portal. This way, you never miss out on the opportunity to get your questions answered.  
  •  Community – Gain entry to our exclusive Facebook group for the Remote Yogi Tribe. This is the perfect way to make friends with other students all throughout the world. Find the support you are looking for, meet accountability partners, and have fun sharing your experiences. Taryn is also involved in the group and is always helping to answer questions and keep everyone motivated.  
  •  Exclusive Discounts – Tribe members receive 20-40% off Taryn’s other services, including private yoga lessons (via video chat), lifestyle and wellness coaching, live workshops, retreats, and more.  
I designed this program to be an opportunity for yoga teachers and students to be able to connect and thrive all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day you practice. This studio is open 24/7! Plus, the classes are downloadable, so you can practice from anywhere, without wifi! 
If I were to guess the top 10 questions or objections you will have about joining our membership, they would be:
  • You aren’t sure if you will like the classes or membership 
  •  It is a bit more expensive than other online yoga memberships  
  •  You do not like online yoga because it is hard to learn the poses properly 
  •  You aren’t sure what type of yoga works best for you 
  •  You are worried the online portal will be hard to use  
  •  You have never tried yoga before  
  •  You do not have yoga equipment or much space at home 
  •  You don’t have time to practice yoga or meditation 
  •  You’re worried about being able to do the classes offline  
  •  You don't like doing yoga alone
So here's how I would clear those up for you…
  •  With two weeks free, you can try out the classes risk free. If you don't love it, you can cancel your membership.
  •  The Remote Yogi Tribe is more of a boutique online studio. We are not trying to build a giant community, but want to focus on building value for our members by having more access to our instructors and the community. This is what makes our costs different from other online options. 
  •  We guide you through each yoga pose with clear instruction and alternatives. Our live calls are the perfect opportunity to ask questions about your form so we can assist you. 
  •  Our membership has a variety of yoga styles you can try out. We have slow, deep stretch classes, quick classes designed to get you sweaty, and themed classes based on your mood. You can try them all! Plus, we feature a new guest teacher each month, allowing you to experience over teaching styles. 
  •  Our online membership portal is incredibly easy to use. Check out the video below for a walk through of the membership site and everything that is included. 
  •  If you are new to yoga,  we've got your back! Each lesson offers beginner to intermediate poses with detailed instructions to make sure students take each class at their own pace. 
  •  All you need for our classes is a yoga mat! Plus, these classes are designed for people who may be on the go, practicing in small hotel rooms or cramped spaces. If you have room to lay down your mat, you should have enough space to practice.
  •  We understand that you have a busy life and making time for yoga and meditation can be challenging. That's why we have a variety of classes that are less than 20  minutes long. Plus, the online community can help you to stay motivated and accountable. 
  •  With the option to download each class, you never have to worry about practicing yoga without wifi or using up all your data. 
  •  Practicing yoga at home can sometimes be lonely; that's why we have such a focus on community. We suggest inviting friends over to practice with you or asking fellow members to join you in taking a class at the same time. You can even video call each other and cheer each other on. 
Check Out This Video Tour Of Our Membership Site:
I want you to be completely without risk, so here's my guarantee…
Sign up now and enjoy fourteen days of free access to the portal. If you do not love it, simply cancel the membership before the two weeks are over and you will not be charged. It is easy to cancel, simply email the team at and we will end your subscription. 

There is no obligation to continue your membership for any period of time. You can cancel whenever you would like! Please note: we do not offer money back for memberships that are canceled after the billing date each month. 
Let's keep it real - this membership is not for everyone. It may not be the right fit for you if...
You’re an advanced yoga student, as the classes are all taught for beginner to intermediate levels.

You’re only goal is to get fit. This membership will help you get in shape, but that is not the primary focus. We are focused on the lifestyle of yoga – movement, mindset, breathwork, etc.

You’re not looking for community. The most important asset to the Remote Yogi Tribe is the ability to connect with the teacher and fellow students.
It's easy to sign up - Start your free trial today!
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We cannot wait to see you inside!
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